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FREE Hosting Account, with FREE Website Creator (unlimited Pages), FREE SAN SSL, FREE eMail account.
Get the startup guide and everything else to help you with your FREE Hosting Account.
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What is FREE Hosting

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CritchCorp Computers Ltd offers you a FREE hosting account. It comes with the FREE CritchCorp Website Creator, an SSL Certificate and an eMail account, get your account now: FREE Hosting Account.

More Details

Website Creator
The FREE Hosting Account comes with our FREE Website creator, which has:
  • Hundreds of professional templates to choose from
  • No limit on number of pages
  • Maintenance page
  • Many blocks to add to pages
  • No programming skills needed
Each account has a FREE SSL certificate that will also cover other elements of your website, such as webmail, email and control panel access, this keeps you safe and your visitors safe.

FREE eMail
The FREE eMail account is so that you can be more professional with your communications with visitors, having the same email domain as your website, send contact form data to your website email account and reply to them from there.

You can also upgrade your account to a paid subscription at any time, but the FREE account is yours as long as you need it without upgrading.

Try one now.
I am an official CritchCorp Support Team member and as such my solutions are based primarily on our technologies. If we don’t have a solution, then we will look outside our Services and our Shop.
As the Site Manager, my word is final in any argument.
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