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We partner with Comodo who provide our CDN. We have had a lot of experience with it and so know it very well. We have integrated it in to our hosting. Our cPanel hosting has it as an option and it is integrated in to our FREE hosting and WordPress hosting. A custom control panel lets you control almost every aspect of the CDN.

The CDN also provides you a lot of security in it own. On top of the fact that it can help to reduce your Bandwidth Usage on your origin server. The CDN comes with unmetered bandwidth. The CDN handles all your website files (except video) and there are servers hosted all round the world for quick access wherever your visitors & users are. With the CDN in front of your server it gives you certain amount of protection, particularly from Denial of Service Attacks. DDoS protection is extremely important these days to have and usually costs a lot more to get it on it's own. With our CDN you get DDoS protection included.

IT also makes it easy to change origin servers which typically happen instantly, so moving from one host to another is easy. There are many controls with the CDN.

You get a FREE SSL certificate with your CDN. This doesn't protect the origin server but it does the connection to the client. If you are using our cPanel Hosting, FREE Hosting or WordPress Hosting then you will have the option of a FREE certificate on the origin server as well. You can of course upgrade and use your own certificate on both the origin and the CDN.

There are edge rules for forcing the www and SSL connections. There are lots of other options too.

The only other one I will mention here is the ones to delete the cache. You can delete the entire stored cache or just a file or files or folders.

The default cache length is suitable for most people and the option to tick if you want the cache to take over in case the origin server fails.

Your CDN control panel can be accessed directly from your shop account or the FREE/WordPress Hosting Control panel.

If you have any specific questions about the CDN then please let us know. You can submit a support ticket or PM me here or post a reply.
I am an official CritchCorp Support Team member and as such my solutions are based primarily on our technologies. If we don’t have a solution then we will look outside our shop.
As the Site Manager my word is final in any argument.

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