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Online Website Backup

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Our Online Website Backup includes a Malware Checker. This means that when it does a backup it also checks to see if any of the files are or contain malware and can then notify you of the issue. You can then request a cleanup.

The Backup is kept "Off-site" which means that it is not taking up valuable resources in your hosting account. This is great if you have limited resources. It is also good, in some cases, for transferring your site to a new server/account/provider. Not to mention that if your account is hacked or your website is hacked they can delete all your backups if they are stored in your account. Having the backup stored somewhere else means that it is protected from this type of attack.

You can have the back up automatically put all the files back on your site and the database back in the database server, or you can download the backup files locally and do as you need with them.

Schedule the backup to run at a time convenient to you, your site and your visitors and a frequency to suit your needs and budget.

You get website backup included with WordPress Hosting Accounts, 1 per site.

Website backup will work with most sites even if you are not hosted with us. If you don't have website backup then get yours now, before there is a problem with your site.
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