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Malware Scan

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Our scanners do 3 types of scan. This is about the Malware Scanner. See also the OWAS scan and the CMS Scan.

Our Malware Scan can detect and if you opt for it, remove the malware and all the bits of it.
Depending on your plan you can perform a daily scan and even an on-demand scan to look for malware on your site. If it detects any then, if you have set the option in the control panel then the malware will automatically be removed for you.

There is not much else to tell you about the Malware Scanner other than it scans for malware.

The only other settings are the FTP settings. If you are using our cPanel hosting accounts then it will usually complete the setup automatically for you. If you are using our WordPress and Free Hosting then it is automatically active for you.
You can setup or change the FTP settings from your shop account if you are using 3rd party hosting.

You can select to have an email notification or not or only if there is an issue found.

you can also view reports on any malware that was found.

See also Online Backup (which also does a scan).

Get your cWatch account.
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