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Secure DNS

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Our Secure DNS, which is included with all the cWatch licenses and is available as an add-on to any Domain Name Purchase, give you security in your DNS records. It provides multiple DNS servers located all round the world, which means quicker resolving for your visitors. This coupled with the CDN means that your visitors get the best possible response to connecting to your site. The DNS also offers security by not allowing special records to be deleted accidentally.

DNSSEC is also offered and can be activated from the control panel.

If you don't have a cWatch account, then get one now.

Make sure you read about all the other items you get with a cWatch plan. CDN, Malware Scan, CMS Scan, OWASP Scan, WAF and Website Backup.
I am an official CritchCorp Support Team member and as such my solutions are based primarily on our technologies. If we don’t have a solution then we will look outside our shop.
As the Site Manager my word is final in any argument.

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