Prinknash Abbey Resin Incense

This is all about Resin Incense
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Prinknash Abbey Resin Incense

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Prinknash Abbey is the Abbey that makes the incense for Church's all over the world:
The Benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey have been blending incense since 1906, when the community was on Caldey Island and are now the oldest major incense blenders in Europe.
CritchCorp Computers Ltd is now supplying Prinknash abbey incense via our eBay shop and our own store. Yes, it is slightly different to our usual Smart products, but we use so much of it that it thought we might as well sell it as well. We spoke to them, and now we can supply you with any of the 6 blends that they do. We keep a large amount of stock, so can meet most needs.


Check out the range of incense, burners and other tools available in our eBay shop and in our store

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I am an official CritchCorp Support Team member and as such my solutions are based primarily on our technologies. If we don’t have a solution, then we will look outside our Services and our Shop.
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