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Advertising on this board

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We have a strict advertising policy in these forums. Abuse of or non-compliance with this policy will result in banning and/or IP blocking.

This forum is primarily here to help people with issues they are experiencing with any of the subjects in the forums. Advertising has become a side part of this and evolved from our willingness to allow people to "Say Hello". This was initially intended for people to introduce themselves and get used to posting in the forum but had the side effect of advertising and the necessity of regulating it to stop the spam.

This policy contains 2 sections.
  • FREE Advertising
  • Paid Advertising
FREE Advertising

Our FREE advertising programme did not start out with that as the intent but has evolved to be so. A FREE advert can be placed in the Introduce yourself forum. The format of this advert is an introduction to who you are and what you do with a maximum of 2 links to your website. We do not allow links to malware or adult sites of any sort, nor anything else that is too far out of character to a family friendly website. Don't bother to post these they will not make it through moderation. It is at our sole discretion as to whether or not you are in compliance.

You may post 1 or 2 links in your post to any other type of website, except competing services. You will be informed if your link is a competing service and be given the chance to remove the links (and text) or pay a fee.

A competing service is at our discretion any site we deem to be in competition with any of our products and services or these forums, now or in the future. A fee paid posting in the Introduce yourself forum will be subject to the same rules as other posts in all other regards. The fee will be an annual fee which is non-refundable. You may elect to remove the links and text from your posting before the renewal of the fee, and cancel the service from your shop account. This must be done before the invoice is generated, currently 30 days before renewal.

Anyone may pay a fee to have additional links in there post in the Introduce yourself forum subject to the above rules.


Signatures are subject to the same as the above with the exception that you are only allowed one link in your signature, unless paid for. The same restrictions apply in regards to malware and adult sites of any sort.

Paid Advertising

Paid adverts will not appear in posts. Posts are there to be helpful to people and not for advertising. We do allow adverts to be placed in certain locations. All locations are visible to guests. Some locations are not visible to logged in users.
To speak to us about placing any kind of paid advert on the forum please submit a ticket form your account in our shop. You will need an account there anyway as that is where the billing takes place. FREE email accounts are not eligible to use advertising. Most FREE email accounts cannot signup in the shop as they are blocked. We will require you to prove who you are in order to place an advert. More details on application.

This is a private advertising network and adverts can be placed on to multiple sites or just one site. We retain the right to remove or not accept any advert that we feel in our sole opinion is not suitable to our sites and/or our audience.

Job Adverts

The Job forum is free for users and guests to view but a paid subscription is required to post on it. This follows the principles of the above Paid Advertising rules. It is not there for abuse, malware or adult sites or jobs of any sort. In addition job adverts must be accurately described and must have an opening and closing date for applications. Job adverts must be removed no later than 1 week after the closing date. Repeat offenders will be barred from posting and will forfeit any fees until their next billing date.