Forum Rules - Easy Read Version

Read this first before you post anything.
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Forum Rules - Easy Read Version

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Please Read and understand these rules before posting anything in any of the main forums.
Date Published: 22/09/2020
Version number: 1.59

CritchCorp Forums is dedicated to developing and maintaining a friendly online community, where members of all ages and technical backgrounds feel relaxed and comfortable. Like any community, CritchCorp Forums has certain standards. When members join our forums, they agree to abide by these rules. To remain a part of the CritchCorp Forums' community, members must be considerate to others. Repeated violations of these standards may result in a member being barred from entry or participation in the community forums.
  • Respect each other's opinions. It's simple, don't be a jerk. You know the old saying: "Treat others as you would like to be treated." Learn it and live it. If you disagree with a post, feel free to respectfully and politely challenge that comment in a civil manner. Do not engage in personal attacks (including name-calling) on fellow members, forum moderators, or CritchCorp Computers Ltd staff -- this is not the place for it! KNOW that we have a limited tolerance for profanity and obscenity. If you see something offensive, please don't ignore it, flag it.
  • Stay on topic. If the article is about golf, don't talk about Mom's cooking.
  • Don't feed the trolls. If you think someone's a nuisance commenter or worse, please don't goad that person in the discussion. That only makes it worse for everybody. Use the flagging system and let us know; we'll take the appropriate action. (But remember that your definition of a "troll" and our interpretation of whether someone's breaking the rules may not match.)
  • Keep it clean. DON'T post stuff that is: libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, harassing, or threatening; that contains viruses or other contaminating or destructive features; or that violates the rights of others, such as content that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secret, or violates any right of privacy or publicity, or otherwise violates any applicable law.
  • Don't advertise in your posts. Unless you've signed a contract with CritchCorp Computers Ltd, in which case your ads won't be showing up in posts, anyway. Post that contain spam, advertisements, business/self-promotional content, campaigns or recruitments/surveys are not allowed, period.
  • The only advertising you can do is to "Introduce Yourself" and say who you are with a couple of links. Abuse of this will see it closed.
  • Signature links can contain 1 link to your website. NOT to spam, adult products/services/medications nor to competing services without permission (and payment of fee).
  • If you want to advertise on our site then please read the advertising guide before you do anything. We understand that SEO want good links and we can help, but will not tolerate abuse of this system.
  • Keep it legal. This isn't a place to violate any laws or to discuss illegal activities, so keep it all legit and above board.
  • Respect people's privacy. You wouldn't want your e-mail address, phone number, or other personal information plastered all over a public site, would you? We didn't think so. Please do not share another person's personal information.
  • Closed discussion threads. At CritchCorp Forums' discretion, at any time we can close a discussion thread to disallow further submissions.
  • In case you didn't know. CritchCorp Forums does reserve the right to delete or edit your posts, or to republish your post on related CritchCorp Computers Ltd sites. We do ban members. We don't like to, but we will as necessary. If you abide by the rules above, then you'll have nothing to worry about. More granular descriptions of each of the policies can be found in the Longer Version.
Thank you for joining us in our forums, have fun and enjoy!

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