What are the Private IP addresses for use in LANs

All about your local area networks. Home and work related at the moment. We may split it again if it becomes necessary.
This includes Wi-Fi, which is also part of your LAN.
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What are the Private IP addresses for use in LANs

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Private IP addresses are non-routable addresses. That is, IP addresses that will not cross over on to the public Internet. You can safely use them inside your network, and they will be protected from access from outside (from the internet) unless you specifically make them otherwise.

There are more than enough private IPs for everyone to use, and there are several ranges to choose from. Most of the time, your Router will come pre-programmed with one of them in.

Here they are in easy format:
  • -, subnet default is
  • -, subnet default is
  • -, subnet mask default is
You can change the subnet mask if you know what you are doing and have a need to do so, otherwise I would just keep to the default.
Technically the .0 and .255 endings are part of the above networks, but they are non-usable addresses, so I have left them off the list.
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