Strong Network Equipment

This is all about the network equipment. As most of it will be touching both the LAN and the WAN, we have this forum for all equipment issues and questions.
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Strong Network Equipment

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We have been using the STRONG network equipment for home users for the last 6 month or so. They are fantastic for home use, and maybe small office use, although I prefer the Ubiquiti equipment for businesses, particularly if we are looking after them.

The Powerline V2 Kit of 2 is great. It provides Ethernet over the electricity cables. This means that you can access your local are network or the internet by using one of these sets.

What to do
To make it work; plug both devices in to a power socket near the router. Connect one of them to the router with an Ethernet cable. They should automatically start pairing. Once they have finished pairing, check the lights for status. Take out the other one (not connected to the router) and plug it in somewhere else. You should get the same lights back on to say it is connected to the other device near the router. Plug in your computer, printer or access point to this device and it will have internet access.

What is good?
It is good that you can plug them in and pair them together really easily. You can also update the password and protocols used easily by following the instruction.

What is not so good?
Powerline is a useful protocol, but only works if your two power sockets are on the same fuse box. This means it may not work well with an extension or an outhouse that has its own fuse box.

Another good option, which includes wireless, is the Atria AX3000 Trio. It uses MESH technology to connect all the nodes together. This means that you can go anywhere where there is signal and you can connect.

What is good?
The MESH technology is great. You can seamlessly have one network that works with all three nodes and as you move around, you move to each access point but do not lose connection. It is seamless. This is great for places that are far away or blocked by walls etc. You can get full coverage using two or three of these.

What is not so good?
They are a little expensive, but well worth it. (You can still get some of the Atria AC1200 Kit of 3 which are slower and cheaper, but the same technology; while stocks last)
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